Paleobath Anti-Aging Serum (1 oz)
Anti-Aging Serum
Our serum visibly reduces stress-induced, dullness, dehydration, lines & wrinkles, puffiness. Our “dry” oils moisturize the skin without a chance of getting acne or oily skin. Our essential oils contribute to the relief of lines and wrinkles as well as dullness. See a more youthful-looking you.
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Paleobath Charcoal and Black African Facewash (4 oz)
Charcoal Soap Face Wash
Deeply cleanse and detoxify skin of dirt, impurities, and makeup with Paleobath’s soft, gentle Charcoal and African Black Soap Face Wash. Charcoal cleanses and detoxifies your while skin while the African black soap helps to balance oil, blemish-prone skin.
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Paleobath Cocoa Body Cream (4 oz)
Cocoa Body Cream
Our Cocoa Body Cream will revitalize and moisturize the skin giving it that refreshed look. It will hold in the moisture and enhance the look of your skin.
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Paleobath Coconut Rose Scrub (4 oz)
Coconut Rose Scrub
Remove dead skin and moisturize your body with Paleobath’s Coconut Rose Scrub. It is free of parabens and phthalates, and it is vegan as well as cruelty-free.
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Paleobath Lash Growth Serum
Eyelash Growth Serum
Condition and fortify your lashes with our growth serum. Lashes will become fuller and thicker. Stress less with our growth serum.
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Paleobath Green Tea Moisturizer (4 oz)
Green Tea Moisturizer
Our Green Tea Moisturizer hydrates, nourishes, and soothes your skin. The green tea helps moisturize dry skin without clogging pores. It’s a perfect moisturizer for blemish-prone skin.
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Paleobath Rose Water Toner (6 oz)
Rosewater toner
Reset, Refresh, and hydrate skin with Paleobath’s Rosewater Toner with Witch Hazel. Our toner is glow-boosting, alcohol-free, and it balances your skin’s pH.
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Paleobath Under Eye Cream (4 oz)
Under Eye Cream
Say hello to radiant, wide-awake eyes with Paleobath’s Under Eye Cream. Formulated with Saffron, our under eye cream is sure to moisturize and protect against aging signs. Powerful enough to improve even stubborn signs of damage, it’s gentle enough for morning and night use.
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Paleobath Universal Face Wash (8oz)
Universal Face Wash
Cleanse with our Universal Face Wash suited for every skin type. Our cleanser is gentle enough for daily use and will leave you with a healthy looking complexion. It is a natural, gentle way to keep even very sensitive skin feeling clean and moisturized.
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Paleobath Vitamin C Serum (1 oz)
Vitamin C Serum
Infused with Vitamin C to retexturize your skin while anti-aging. Paleobath’s Vitamin C serum diminishes the look of fine lines and discoloration, and brightens uneven skin tones.
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